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Fishing Guide in Vilas and Oneida County

My name is Jim Lund.  I have fished and hunted in Wisconsin for over 50 years.  I recently retired from teaching high school science for 34 years.  I have been fishing Vilas and Oneida county for 25 years with my friends and family.  While I was teaching I would bring many of my students fishing and 15 years ago I started an Outdoor Club at Waupun High School.  This was one of the first clubs of its' kind in the state at the time.  Now there are almost 100 schools that have competitive fishing clubs.  My team has done well in competitions and recently took 5th place out of 62 teams in the state by fishing our local waters.  I truly enjoy teaching people how to fish especially kids and those new to fishing.  I treat fishing as a science experiment and take into account all of the factors which determine fish location and getting fish to bite.  I have found a systematic approach is the most efficient way to find structure, locate fish and get them to bite.

I am a strong proponent of catch and release for all large game fish and selective harvest.  All muskies, walleyes over 24" and bass over 18" will be released from my boat.  The reason for this is two fold. One, old large fish accumulate toxins in their flesh and the older a fish is the more toxins it accumulates. Secondly, by releasing large fish you are giving others the opportunity to share those memories that you created.  A good picture and a graphite reproduction will preserve the memory.   I have shown a couple examples below and provided links to excellent taxidermists.

Joe Fittante- 715-627-7662

Lax Reproductions- 715-547-3710


36" Lake Trout

30" Walleye

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