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Fishing Cold Fronts

As people migrate north during the tourist season in northern Wisconsin they often encounter cold fronts. With cold fronts showing up on a weekly basis , there are a few things that you should know to be successful. Fish have 4 needs, food, suitable temperatures and oxygen and spawning. Fish will locate in different locations to find suitable temperatures/ oxygen and food.

Shallow water cools down quicker than the deeper water so they will temporarily move out of the shallows.

Fish moved from 10 out to 15 feet yesterday. They may also suspend off in deeper water at the depth they were the previous day. Thirdly they may move deeper into structure whether it is wood or weeds.

Slow down your presentations so they are more vertical. Fish will eat but have a smaller strike zone. Boat control is critical to be successful. Learn to use your trolling motors to move slowly in larger waves that accompany cold fronts and read your locators so you know what a walleye looks like on a locator. Yea you can use a bow mount trolling motor to “backtroll” and slip with the wind and current. It just takes practice.

Downsize your presentations. Savvy guides use tiny jigs in the 1/16 to 1/8 oz size. I know many that use 1/32 oz jigs but most commercially made 1/32 oz jigs don’t have a large enough hook gap to consistently hook fish. I pour my own jigs with oversized hooks. Most fish feed by flaring their gills and sucking in water. Small jigs can be inhaled easier.

Slip bobbers can be your savior in cold fronts. There is no other presentation that will coax a walleye or other fish into biting than slip bobbers and a lively leech.

Lastly, cold fronts can be a savior if water temperatures reach uncomfortable levels for fish during the summer. Fish respond favorably to cold fronts in the fall. They may cause fish to school tighter during the spring. Use these techniques to make your vacation more successful.

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